Berlin vinyl diggin‘


During a summer vacation in Berlin (august 2015) we was extensively diggin‘ through Berlins record stores and flea markets. Although there’s electronic music everywhere, ‪Berlin‬ is a real digger paradise for music any couleur.

As you may have noticed in our ‪SoulBrigada‬ mixtapes & livesets we love this diversity and aren’t limited to a specific genre. Because there’s so good music out there! Follow us on a journey through ‪Funk‬, ‪Disco‬, ‪House‬, ‪Latin‬, ‪Brazil‬, ‪Jazz‬, Hip Hop, ‪Afrobeat‬, ‪Reggae‬ & ‪Soul‬. Straigt from ‪vinyl‬!

Record stores: Vinyl a Gogo, HHV, Mitte Musik, Audio-In, Schönhauser Music, Spacehall, Boxi Flea market and any more..

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