Matasuna Records

The label Matasuna Records, founded by Brigadista Alex SoulBrigada in 2016, focuses on Afro-Latin music from all corners of the planet. Besides digging and reissuing musical treasures from the past, another focus is on contemporary music by new and talented producers and musicians.

In 2016 the label launched its first release, an EP with Afrofunk/-disco edits by labelhead Alex and his friend Voodoocuts. The EP received incredible feedback and the limited vinyl edition was sold out within a short time. Today the 12inch is traded on disco at prices from 50 € upwards.

In recent years there have been a lot of different releases on 7inch, 12inch, EP and LP – many of them are sold out and no longer available.
Not only because of killer reissues by Black Sugar, Ralph Weeks or Nico Gomez the label has developed from an insider tip to a constant size. Behind Matasuna there is a lot of dedication, passion and lifeblood. Click here for a detailed interview with Alex SoulBrigada: