SoulBrigada Edits out now on KAT45 Records (UK)


Starting things off we have Runnin’ Out, a mid-tempo memphis horn-led beauty of a track originally out in 1968. SoulBrigada take the original, toughen up the bottom end, add in kicks, claps and percussion and the odd filter, speed things up a tad and lengthen the track by a couple of minutes getting the most out of the effortless and gargantuan diva-esque vocal delivery…
On the flip we have another soulful treat with a killer rare groove cut from 1971. SoulBrigada extend the intro, add in drums, samples and effects all adding to a truly infectious groove and vocal that will have you screaming out for more…

Format: 7″ Vinyl (KAT45006)   |   MasteringStudio Schoenrock (Stuttgart | Germany)
Buy: unfortunately out of stock

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